Financial Literacy


The JACOR Foundation is working to educate and bring awareness to financial literacy. We know some schools offer a money management lesson, but we believe it should be a required class in our schools.  House Bill 681 was introduced last year and from our understanding it passed the House, but it was tabled in the Senate.

Here a few facts that support the need for financial literacy in schools:

  *   66% of Americans are considered financial illiterate. 1.
  *   78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck. 2.
  *   17% of American adults are unable to pay their current month’s bills in full. 3.
  *   25% of non-retired American have no retirement savings or pension whatsoever. 3.
  *   27% of American adults would need to borrow or sell something to pay for an unexpected expense of $400. 3.

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Financial Literacy is as important as reading, writing, and math. We are preparing our students to be college and career ready, and we feel it is equally important for them to understand how to be fiscally and financially responsible with their earnings and managing their debt.  As adults, we know one poor financial decision could possibly affect them for the rest of their life and that is why we feel strongly about preparing them before they enter the workforce.
We are asking everyone reading this letter to call and/or email your State Representative and State Senator and encourage them to pass House Bill 681 and bring financial literacy into our schools.
Jonathan Pitts
Chairman, JACOR Foundation

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